Since the use of hot air when drying ink in the heatset web offset process leads to a sharp reduction of the moisture content in the paper, there are often problems in further processing of the paper. Electrostatic remoistening technology developed by Eltex increases the moisture content to the required value after drying.

Without remoistening

With remoistening

Eltex Bild ohne WB
Eltex Bild ohne WB1
Eltex Bild mit WB
Eltex Bild mit WB
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Eltex supports production plants with its innovations in numerous industrial fields by handling the undesirable effects of electrostatics in workflow and thereby facilitates productivity, efficiency and profitability of many production companies. Through research and development, the list of application for our clients can be considerably extended. Knowledge that has been acquired by solid basic research and applied technology, makes Eltex unique in the world.